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      Transformateur de distribution à basse tension
      1. Summary

      GGD type Ac low voltage power distribution cabinet is suitable for the power users’ distribution systems with a frequency of AC 50HZ,nominal working voltage of 380V and nominal working current up to 3150A,for example,the power plants,transformer stations,factories and mines.It is used for the electrical energy conversion,distribution and control for the power,lighting and power distribution equipment.

      GGD type AC low voltage power distribution cabinet is a new type of low voltage power distribution cabinet designed according to the requirement of extensive electrical power users and design institutes and based on the safe,economical,rational and reliable design principle.The product is characterized by high breaking capacity,good thermal dynamic stability,flexible electrical solution,convenient combination,good serial and applicable performance,novel structure and high safeguarding grade etc.It can be used as a substitute for low voltage switch board packages.

      GGD type AC low voltage power distribution cabinet complies with standards of IEC60439-1:1999 Low Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies and GB7251 Low Voltage Switch gear and control gear Package.
      2. Enviroment Condition For Operation
      2.1. Ambient temperature: -5℃~+40℃,and average tempreture in 24 hours blow+35℃.
      2.2. Elevation of installation site: ≤200m.
      2.3. Relative humidity:not exceeding 50% at the maximum ambient temperature of.+40℃.With lower temperature,higher humidity would be permitted,but the lowest average temperature in a month not exceeding +20℃ duing the most month,and the maximum monthly average relative humidity not exceeding 90% in that month,and giving consideration to the dews on the goods surface,which would appear due to temperature change.
      2.4. For assemblies common use,the vertical gradient isn’t more than 5 degree.
      2.5. The range of temperature during transport or storage should be -25℃~+55℃,and it can reach +70℃ within a short period of time(no more than 24 hours).At limited temperature mentioned above,the non-operating equipment should not suffer damage beyond retrieve,and it can work under normal conditions.
      2.6. Please feel free to contact the manufacturer in case of special requirement.
      3. Electrical Performance
      3.1. asic Electrical Parameter.
      Model Rated voltage(V) Rated current(A) Rated short-time withstand current (1s) (kA) Rated withstand peak current (kA)
      GGD1 380 A 1000 15 30
      B 600(6300
      C 400
      GGD2 380 A 1500(1600) 30 63
      B 1000
      GGD3 380 A 3200 65 143
      B 2500
      C 2000

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